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When I began my business back in 1998, I was striving for independence and felt owning my own company would afford me that and the luxury of making my own hours. It wasn’t long I found, dirty houses don’t wait. Corporate type and even blue collar workers put in so much time away from home, the last thing they desired was to spend their restful hours cleaning. So, my one woman team has been up to a 15 people team at times and I get the job done! 

All of our maids have been extensively trained so that we can perform our jobs effectively, efficiently and thoroughly. You can rest easy knowing that you will always have that same housekeeper who has been specifically trained in your home and will get to know your needs and preferences. We can custom create a cleaning package to help make the process easy by finding out what your particular needs are for your own personalized cleaning. (7)
We are often asked the difference between our Standard Cleaning and Deep Cleaning service. To put it simply, “a deep cleaning goes beyond the surface.”
Standard Cleaning Versus Deep Cleaning
What We offer?

We offer Eco friendly cleaning

We offer Eco friendly cleaning as well so please let us know by checking the box in the application area. When you take a step towards ordering house cleaning you are taking a step towards more free time for your family and friends or just sitting back and relaxing and having fun. We take the hassle out of household chores, because you deserve more time to do the things you love. We really want to earn your business for the long term which is why we offer amazing prices without compromising quality.
Here at MCS, we will try to work within your budget with a pricing structure that is simple and very competitive! We are flexible with what works best for you.
With MCS you have trusted, reliable service and you can rest assured the person in your home has integrity, and is held accountable to the MCS policies and standards.
Cleanings are by appointment only. There will be a $50.00 service charge should we be unable to gain access to the home or are turned away at the time of cleaning.
Clients are required to move any furniture necessary. Additionally, the moving of furniture cannot interfere with our efficiency and timing.

There will be a $50 cancellation fee for appointments not canceled within 24 hours prior to appointment.

All blinds must be removed by client ahead of time. We do NOT reinstall blinds after cleaning.

Macy’s Cleaning Services is not responsible for any damage imposed on blinds during removal or replacement.

Standard Cleaning Versus Deep Cleaning

We are often asked the difference between our Standard Cleaning and Deep Cleaning service. To put it simply, “a deep cleaning goes beyond the surface.” We aren’t only vacuuming and mopping, wiping off counters and making certain your toilet, sinks and showers are clean and disinfected. A “Standard Cleaning” is best for homes that have been maintained on a regular basis, whether by the home owner or a service. Deep cleaning covers more hard hitting details like cleaning a filthy oven or washing all the baseboards in the house. There are several factors to consider when determining what type of service you need, so ask yourself the following questions, truthfully.
How thoroughly has your home been cleaned in the past? Do your baseboards have dirt settled on them? Have the floors been mopped regularly? Do your shower doors have grime built up? Are your cabinets greasy or need to be polished? Everyone has a little dust in their home but how thick is the dust on your blinds? How do your windows look? Does your stove top and oven have build up? How does the inside of your microwave look? Is your refrigerator clean on the inside? When was the top of your refrigerator last washed?
These are just a few questions to ask yourself when considering which service to request.
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