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Why Choose Us

We love houses, so we love Realtors!

Need your listing deep cleaned or staged to sell? Every Realtor knows a pristine home will show better and is likely to sell more quickly than a home that needs work! Not only do we clean, Macy’s Cleaning Services understands ridding a home of clutter as well as optimizing lighting and arranging furniture to maximize space can make a tremendous difference in showing a home.

At our Louisiana location, we can help you in staging your listings. We can clean your listing, arrange the interior for better viewing if need be, and add simple little touches to make prospective new clients feel like they have stepped into their new home!

Have your client contact us and we can help them get their home in tip-top shape to sell! First impressions make a tremendous difference! Let us set the tone for your client while making your listing stand out above the others!

​Receive a 10% discount for mentioning this ad and a 20% discount for recurring business! 

*Supplying furniture is not a part of our staging at this time. 
**Assistance is currently only available in the Acadiana area of Louisiana.
​***Coming soon to our other locations! 

Braydon Butler
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