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Job Application

Job Application

Should you choose to fill out this application the file is sent directly to the owner of Macy’s Cleaning Services. Your information will never be shared with anyone unless forced through court order. Your privacy is my utmost concern, regardless of the information shared.

The red asterisk * means the information must be filled out for submission.

**You will need 3 references with phone numbers to complete this form. Please understand this is an application for a job so your mama’s best friend is not the best reference. I prefer to hear from people you have worked for, or with, when possible.

**Drugs are not tolerated. It is my top priority to protect my clients. A drug test may be a requirement just as a background check may be required to make certain there is no history of theft or violence. Due to the fact this company goes into people’s homes my top priority must be yours… to ensure the comfort and safety of Macy’s Cleaning Services clients.

​**A VALID driver’s licnese is required to work for MCS.

Thank you,
Melissa Guidry / Owner of MCS 

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Days available to work
Are you authorized to work in the United States?
Are you able to pass a drug test?
Are you able to pass a background check?
Do you have a VALID Driver's Licnese?


Do you have experience in professional cleaning? *A no is not necessarily a dismissal.
Do you have any physical issues to keep you from lifting, pushing, bending over, etc
Have you ever used a doctor's release order to go back to work?
Do you suffer from allergies?
Are you allergic?
Are you afraid of?
Areas you are available to work in: (Check all that apply)
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